Our Family

Our Family
April 29th, 2009 - Madison is 1

Thursday, May 21, 2009

To My Famil and Friends...

I have joined Face Book, and have found it easier to post pictures and journal. So, if you'd like to continue to see our family and hear about our daily life, please sign up and we will add you as friends. I will keep the blog for those who are interested in seeing the past two years.

The FB site is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1682513282&ref=name

Thanks for being apart of our blog experience.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Madison has turned one!!

I cannot believe that my baby is one. Time has flown by. Take a look at our family pictures, that we actually took on her birthday. It just worked out that way, not planned. It is always a stressful event, and with Madison (and Corey and I) sick and teething, it was an extra challenge. But like the trooper she is, we managed, and I think it turned out great.

We didn't do much for that day, since it's a work day for Corey, and we're having a crazy party for her on Sunday. What were we thinking. (More me than we) Oh, well. It should be lots of fun, and a good memory. No amount of $$ can buy that. Hopefully, we'll have lots of pictures to add to the blog for those of you interested in seeing from afar.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our final days together

Ahh, the generations all together. I was hoping for a nicer picture with me in it too, so that we'd have three generations of women together. However, this one came out much nicer.

Here we are on the last night at the Bellagio. They have a green room that is beautiful. I cannot believe that I had never really visited it before. We take things for granted here in the LV.

Sittin' back in the nice shade on a beautiful day, now that Corey and Bob had the structure done.

Here is the Monkey...crawling on a cold floor. It is so cute to see her crawl across a hard floor. She doesn't like the cold on her legs so instead, she crawls from her feet.

Just for Grandpa Moon

The first night Bob and Jan came into town, Maddy didn't have a clue who they where. Now, they are best buds.

Here is the nearly finished product that Corey was killing Bob over.


Bob, Jan, Scott, Janice, Emily, and Denae's Visit

Every time Bob and Jan visits, we put them to work! Corey and Bob were working on Corey's shed/work station. It was a ton more work than Corey thought. It took them the entire time that Bob was here to finish it/get it up. They did however have some bad weather days, with high winds and some scattered rain.
Here is the family enjoying some grub.

Scott was showing Madison how use her walking toy. This is a toy that Madison got while she was still in my belly. Now she walks like a pro behind it. Not quite a pro walker on her own though. Thank you cousin Tennille.

Here is one of next years calendar pictures. Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil. Very cute.

And here is the whole gang on their way out of town. We had such a nice time with the Propecks. I hope they can say the same. Coming down to LV they had some crazy weather. They could write a blog on their trip for sure. I think going home was much better.

Madison and her Grandparents

Bob and Jan came down to L.V. for their annual trip to visit us. We had such a nice time. It was nice to have Bob get to play with Madison, since the last time he saw her was last July, when she was 4mo. old. What a huge difference it is at 11 months. Now she is trying to walk, talk, and get into every possible thing she shouldn't.

Here, G'ma Moon is giving Madison her bath. She loves!!! bath time. The baby is like a fish. So Jan had no trouble at all. Sometimes if she is in a bad mood, I can give her a bath, and it's all smiles and giggles.

G'ma Moon is reading her one of her many books. She likes to be read to, however, she has a very short attention span. Therefore, after about one sentence has been read, she tries to close the book.

G'ma was so desperate to get something in her hair, here is how it turned out. She has the longest hair on the very top of her head, because she couldn't rub it off in her sleep there. So it is kind of like a Mohawk. However, now that she isn't swaddled anymore, the hair around her head is coming in much thicker. It shouldn't be too long before people will stop asking about the little BOY!!!

Since we had such a nice large group (The Propecks joined us) we decided to celebrate her 1st birthday a month early. G'ma got her a small cake and a candle. As Corey was trying to help her blow out the candle, Madison took her hand to it. Just as Corey went to pull her hand out, he breathed the flame out. It was all quite hilarious.

Here is Maddy and Me opening up some of the presents her family bought her. Here is the gift that Janice, Scott, Emily, and Denae got her. She is still playing with the farm animal song toy. We all had such a nice visit. It's too bad we live so far.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Corey's Birthday

We always go to PF Changs for dinner on Corey's birthday. Now they give you these sticky sticks to make stuff out of for the kids. They gave each of us one. I got to work right away and made our family. Aren't we cute.

I got Corey a new pair of boots. It seemed like he needed a new pair, since he only had one. He seemed to like them. IT was a nice dinner with the family.

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008